Finally a Sensible Carbon Strategy

"The most practical way to enhance soil health today is to promote better management of soil organic matter or Carbon."

- USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service


Better crop yields. Improve nutrient values. Raise fertilizer efficiency.

The unseen life of your soil is critical for maintaining a healthy agriculture system that produces crops on your farm. These foundational invisible building blocks include fungi, bacteria, nematodes and other microbial life. Together with insects and earthworms this community of organisms creates a complex system that supports the soil’s ability to fuel biological growth. All living things need nutrition, and Carbon in the soil is a key component of provision. Balancing the supply of Carbon and beneficial soil microbes to achieve the ideal Carbon to Nitrogen ratio of 24 : 1 is the goal. This increases Organic Matter (OM) and creates an environment of high productivity.

Carbon Restore™ addresses common Carbon and microbial deficiencies with two products to help you increase pasture quality and grain productivity. These soil amendments help balance the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio.

Our Products

Carbon Restore: Grain Crops

Grain Carbon Optimizer™

Provides a kickstart to your soil with a formula of carbon and microbes that encourage yield.

Carbon Restore: Forage & Lawn

Pasture Carbon Optimizer™

Supplies carbon and beneficial microbes that raise the nutritional quality of pastures.

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Benefits of Carbon Optimizer™

Application in the Fall generates phenomenal results.

  • Enhances Grain Productivity

  • Boosts Pasture Nutrients

  • Increases Organic Matter

  • Unlocks Soil Nutrients

  • Improves Soil Structure

  • Raises Water Infiltration

  • Magnifies Water Retention

  • Optmizes Nitrogen Efficiency

What Is Your Soil Saying?

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